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Ask The Bible Geek

Autor: Mark Hart
Publisher: Charis Books
ISBN: 9781569553442
File Size: 9,67 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 2054
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Gifted youth leader Mark Hart knows teens inside and out, and as the Bible Geek(R), he asks and answers the real questions that puzzle them. Dealing realistically and honestly with concerns about God, temptations, personal issues, daily life and more, he speaks encouragement to the minds and hearts of kids. His solutions to typical situations teens wonder about, are rooted in Scripture and the Catholic tradition. A Servant Book.

Answers To Questions Catholics Are Asking

Autor: Tony Coffey
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 0736954112
File Size: 25,95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 1928
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More and more Catholics are asking tough questions about their faith and the leadership of the Catholic church. With sensitivity, insight, and well-researched, biblical responses, former-Catholic Tony Coffey answers the more pressing questions, including: Who speaks for God? Which is the one true church? Is the papacy taught in scripture? Did the first Christians believe in the mass? Should we go to confession? This clear and simple presentation of the differences between Roman Catholic tradition and the teachings of Scripture helps Catholics examine the Bible's view of everything from Mary to purgatory and divorce. Christians who want a foundation when talking to Catholics will find Tony Coffey's information invaluable.

The Catholicism Answer Book

Autor: Kenneth Kenneth Brighenti
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402232292
File Size: 30,16 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 2068
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As religion continues to dominate the news, politics and society in general, more and more laypeople are looking for a reliable guide to understanding the beliefs and practices of each faith. The Roman Catholic Church-the largest branch of Christianity-claims a total of 1.086 billion baptized members around the globe and has been revered by millions of followers for thousands of years. Why? The Catholicism Answer Book answers 300 pivotal questions about one of the world's oldest religions. From the basic tenets of Christianity to the differences between a Catholic Bible and a Protestant Bible, readers can round out their knowledge on such inquiries as: --What are the "lost" or "missing" books of the Bible? --Why does it seem like Catholics worship Mary? --What are the Last Things? --Why confess to a priest when I can go directly to God?

Catholic Answers To Protestant Questions

Autor: John Pasquini
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595277101
File Size: 17,35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 2198
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Catholic Answers to Protestant Questions is a must read for those seeking to grow in their Catholic identity. Here are just a few of the questions that are covered in this book: Where did the Bible come from? Was Christ or Constantine the founder of the Catholic Church? Was Peter the first Pope? What do Catholics mean by being "born again" and why do they baptize children? Where do Catholics find the seven sacraments in the Bible? Why do Catholics believe in the Eucharist as the Body and Blood of Christ? Why do we need a priest to forgive serious sins? What are indulgences and why are they needed? Where can we find a priest being referred to as "Father" in the Bible? Do Catholics worship saints? What is the communion of saints? Is Mary the Mother of God? Did Jesus have brothers and sisters? Was Mary assumed into heaven? Is there a purgatory? Is there a rapture? Is salvation assured? Are we justified by faith alone, or by faith and works? Do Catholics practice idol worship?

Why Stay Catholic

Autor: Michael Leach
Publisher: Loyola Press
ISBN: 0829435646
File Size: 26,22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 574
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Why Stay Catholic? by Michael Leach is an uplifting book about what's right in the Catholic Church today, and why tomorrow offers such hope and promise. Scandals in the Catholic Church won't go away. The uninspiring sermons keep coming, and lay people who don't feel fulfilled find themselves asking Catholic questions, and looking for Catholic answers. This leads them to the greater question, Why Stay Catholic? In Why Stay Catholic?, national best-selling author Michael Leach offers surprising, inspiring, and timely answers to this life-changing Catholic question. Leach joyfully offers readers plenty of reasons to celebrate being Catholic, reasons to celebrate the Catholic faith here and now, and reasons to believe that the Catholic Church can and will change. This book is not theology lite, it is spirituality with spine. It is about the beauty at the heart of Catholicism. While many authors wax nostalgic about the way things used to be in the Church, Why Stay Catholic signs with one unique voice, backed up by a chorus of original voices of all ages and from all times. Why Stay Catholic? answers the question Why Be Catholic? and is about the things that last because they are spiritual. As such, the book is really an invitation to "taste and see how good the Lord is." Cradle Catholics, recovering Catholics, ex-Catholics, and even non-Catholics will love this healing antidote to a faltering faith and a wounded Church.

Catholic Answers To Catholic Questions

Autor: Paul Thigpen
Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor
ISBN: 1612781934
File Size: 7,22 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 9215
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Why do Catholics pray for the dead? ... Is there humor in the Bible? ... Is Purgatory painful? ... Is there a dispensation for missing Mass when traveling? ... Can human beings become angels after they die? ... Why is the color blue associated with Our Lady? ... Was the Catholic Church the first one to say no to contraceptives? Over 2,000 years of tradition can lead to many questions and misunderstandings about the Catholic Faith. You are not alone if you are confused, curious, or wish to have an answer for challenging questions others may confront you with. Catholic Answers to Catholic Questions provides solid answers to hundreds of common questions asked by people just like you -- questions both big and small regarding doctrine, history, morality, the pope, saints, the sacraments, the Mass, prayer, Scripture, and much more. Be more confident in your faith. Allow the "why" to enhance the "what" you do as a Catholic. Make better decisions. Be more prepared to pass on your faith to others. Feed your curiosity. Solidify your beliefs. Author, theology professor, and Catholic apologist Paul Thigpen ensures the answers are not only rock-solid, but also pastoral in their approach and written in everyday, relevant language. He considers questions from real people to reveal the vast breadth and depth of our Catholic teachings.

Catholic Questions Catholic Answers

Autor: Father Kenneth Ryan
Publisher: Franciscan Media
ISBN: 9780892836635
File Size: 25,68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 371
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This book is a fascinating treasury of facts and truths about the Catholic faith. Father Kenneth Ryan, Q&A columnist of Catholic Digest magazine, answers many informative and provocative questions. Nearly every aspect of Catholic life is covered, including questions on the saints, Mary, popular devotions, the liturgy, the Bible, the Pope, and even the beliefs of cults. A Servant Book.

Catholic Answers To Fundamentalists Questions

Autor: Philip A. St Romain
ISBN: 9780764813412
File Size: 24,79 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 1686
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This expanded edition of "Catholic Answers to Fundamentalists' Questions" has been updated in light of the changing social landscape and is written for Catholics as well as questioning Christian Fundamentalists. It offers clear, accurate, and easy-to-read answers to many questions that sincere Christians ask about the Catholic faith. "Paperback"

Once A Catholic

Autor: Peter Occhiogrosso
ISBN: 9780345356703
File Size: 26,28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 6294
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Prominent personalities reveal how the Roman Catholic experience has shaped their careers, relationships, and feelings

Yes Or No

Autor: Peter Kreeft
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 1681496372
File Size: 30,15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 3674
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The popular Christian apologist Kreeft tackles many of the tough questions of our day concerning Christianity. In a series of imaginative "dialogues", Sal the Seeker and Chris the Christian deal with the profound mysteries of the Gospel. The result is a book that is both engaging and profound, a book that leads readers to initial faith—or to deeper faith. "The stakes in these dialogues are high. Christianity is God's marriage proposal to the soul, says Kreeft, and the answer must be "yes" or "no". We can evade the claims of Jesus Christ for a while, but death brings evasion to an end. It is wiser to look at Christianity honestly now. Yes or No? shows the truth of Jesus' promise that those who sincerely seek the truth shall find it. It is a road map for those who are honestly seeking the truth and a source of greater faith for those how have already found God. It presents the full challenge of the gospel in a way modern men and women can understand.

Handbook Of Catholic Apologetics

Autor: Peter Kreeft
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 1586172794
File Size: 3,25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 5988
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Unbelievers, doubters and skeptics continue to attack the truths of Christianity. Handbook of Catholic Apologetics is the only book that categorizes and summarizes all the major arguments in support of the main Christian beliefs. Also included is a Protestant-friendly treatment of Catholic- Protestant issues. The Catholic answers to Protestant questions show how Catholicism is the fullness of the Christian faith. Handbook of Catholic Apologetics is full of the wisdom and wit, clarity and insight of philosophers Peter Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli. This is an informative and valuable guidebook for anyone looking for answers to questions of faith and reason. Whether you are asking the questions yourself or want to respond to others who are, here is the resource you have been waiting for. Topics include: faith and reason, the existence of God, God's nature, creation and evolution, providence and free will, miracles, problem of evil, Bible's historical reliability, divinity of Chris, Christ's resurrection, life after death, salvation, the Eucharist, Catholic hierarchy and more.

The Case For Catholicism

Autor: Trent Horn
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 1681497891
File Size: 13,90 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 4764
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This is the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and thorough defense of the Catholic Church against Protestant objections in print. This book is especially relevant as the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation draws near and discussion of the arguments made against the Church during that time in history receive renewed interest. The Case for Catholicism answers arguments put forward by early Reformers like Luther and Calvin as well as contemporary defenders of Protestantism like Norm Geisler and R.C. Sproul. It provides a meticulous defense of the biblical and historical nature of Catholic doctrines from Scripture and church history. Finally, in both answering Protestant objections to Catholicism and in providing evidence for the Faith, The Case for Catholicism cites modern Protestant scholars who question Reformation assumptions and show how evidence from Scripture and church history support aspects of Catholic theology. This book is divided into four sections, with each answering a key question Christians have asked about the nature of their faith. Those key questions are: What is my authority? What is the Church? How am I saved? Who belongs to the body of Christ? The Case for Catholicism will become a reliable, resource for any Catholic who desires a well-researched, readable, and persuasive answer to Protestant arguments made against the Catholic faith.

Why Do Catholics Genuflect

Autor: Al Kresta
Publisher: Servant Books
ISBN: 9781569552438
File Size: 17,20 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 1250
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indeholder: Catholics' Relationship to Other Believers. Scripture and Tradition. Teaching Authority. Salvation. Worship, Sacraments and Sacramentals. Spitituality and Morality. Angels, Mary, and Other Saints.

101 Questions And Answers On The Bible

Autor: Raymond E. Brown
Publisher: Paulist Press
ISBN: 9780809142514
File Size: 27,98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 3254
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Answers questions Catholics and others have about the Bible, its role in Catholic belief, and Catholic teaching on issues raised in the Bible.

Once A Catholic

Autor: Tony Coffey
Publisher: Harvest House Pub
ISBN: 9781565070455
File Size: 30,39 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 2134
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Former Catholic Tony Coffey reveals how centuries of tradition have formed doctrines in the Catholic Church unknown to Jesus and clearly contradicted in Scripture. Once a Catholic is a sensitive, thoroughly biblical guidebook that presents the clearest and simplest differences between Roman Catholic tradition and the teachings of the Scripture.

Why Be Catholic

Autor: Patrick Madrid
Publisher: Image
ISBN: 0307986446
File Size: 12,82 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 390
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The popular blogger and publisher of Envoy magazine offers 10 key reasons why he loves being Catholic (and you should too). Drawing heavily on poignant anecdotes from his own experience as a life-long Catholic born in 1960s, Madrid offers readers a way of looking at the Church--its members, teachings, customs, and history--from perspectives many may have never considered. Growing up Catholic during a time of great social and theological upheaval and transition, a time in which countless Catholics abandoned their religion in search of something else, Patrick Madrid learned a great deal about why people leave Catholicism and why others stay. This experience helped him gain many insights into what it is about the Catholic Church that some people reject, as well as those things that others treasure. Drawing upon Madrid's personal experiences, Why Be Catholic? offers a deeply personal, fact-based, rationale for why everyone should be Catholic or at least consider the Catholic Church in a new light.

Catholic Q And A

Autor: John J. Dietzen
ISBN: 9780824526009
File Size: 18,45 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 5184
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A comprehensive and updated version of the reference source to Catholicism presents hundreds of questions every Catholic should know the answers to and carries the imprimatur of the Vatican.