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The Climb Strong Deadlifting Manual

Autor: Steve Bechtel Sfg II
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781533256287
File Size: 3,66 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 1979
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The deadlift is arguably the best strength training exercise for rock climbers. In this manual, top coaches Charlie Manganiello and Steve Bechtel break down the exercise and explain the whys and hows of this complex movement. The authors detail the movements, common errors, and how exactly to integrate deadlifting with your program. Based on their successful strength clinics, this manual will serve you for years to come.

Climb Strong 100 Training Tips

Autor: Steve Bechtel
ISBN: 9781974138722
File Size: 17,46 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 5003
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This book was originally published in 2013 as an ebook on the Climb Strong site. I added it to the book Strength as an appendix, under the name of "Successful Sessions: 34 Training Tips for Successful Rock Climbing." I had originally written it as ten tips, then fixed on twenty five. By the time I'd finished, I stopped at the nice, round number of 34.Since that time, my learning and communicating with more accomplished coaches and climbers has increased substantially. In fact, there are many days that I do little at my normal job (running the gym), and instead spend hours communicating with climbers. This has been a hard transition, made easier by the efforts of my wife, Ellen, as well as Charlie Manganiello, Shelby Duncan, Kevin Wallingford, and Emily Tilden, who keep Elemental running and improving. I am pleased to admit that I am now the worst coach at the gym.When I looked at the updated list in the fall of 2015, I saw that we had collected well over a hundred tips, from one-line reminders to full-life plans. Over the winter of 2016/17, we whittled the tips down to exactly 100, and tried to keep them short and to the point. This is not so much a book to read in one sitting, but rather one to take in one or two tips at a time.This book is free to download with a paid membership to our site.


Autor: Steve Bechtel
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781495201530
File Size: 27,90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 2662
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Strength is the most fundamental quality a climber can develop. By developing a high level of strength, a climber can effectively move his power and endurance forward with no additional training. Combined with the mobility and stability exercises presented in this book, the strength programs you'll find in these pages will help you build a bullet-proof base of fitness for any climbing endeavor.

Training For Climbing

Autor: Eric Horst
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780762762651
File Size: 23,14 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 5776
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Drawing on new research in sports medicine, nutrition, and fitness, this book offers a training program to help any climber achieve superior performance and better mental concentration on the rock, with less risk of injury.

Logical Progression

Autor: Steve Bechtel
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781544119533
File Size: 25,73 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 2823
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Training for climbing can be fun, but sticking to a schedule can be desperately hard. Many climbers have seen the value of a carefully planned out, periodized training program. Clearly, such programs work, but many of us can't stick to such a rigid schedule. What if there were a better way? What if there were a more flexible way of planning that provided the same great results? And what if such a program allowed you to maintain high levels of climbing performance much longer than you could on a traditional program? For the climber that has limited time to train, there may be no better program than Logical Progression. For anyone who wants to get fit and stay fit for long trips and redpoint seasons, the program outlined in this book can give you a great advantage. Based on solid science and tested by hundreds of climbers, Logical Progression is a simple and very effective way of organizing your training, and making sure that progress keeps coming.

Into Thin Air

Autor: Jon Krakauer
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 0307475255
File Size: 15,59 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 825
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The author describes his spring 1996 trek to Mt. Everest, a disastrous expedition that claimed the lives of eight climbers, and explains why he survived.


Autor: Jeff Achey
Publisher: The Mountaineers Books
ISBN: 9780898868760
File Size: 4,75 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 5938
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In 1977, well-respected climbing gurus Bob Godfrey and Dudley Chelton self-published Climb! Rock Climbing in Colorado. The first climbing book of its kind, Climb! detailed Colorado climbing history and suggested a new set of challenges for those fascinated by life on the edge. In addition, Greg Epperson's photography introduced wide-angle drama and on-rappel images. Twenty-five years later, Chelton has teamed up with former Climbing magazine photo editor and climber Jeff Achey to recapture the original book's influence and impact for a new generation of climbers.

Climb Injury Free

Autor: Jared Vagy
ISBN: 9780692831892
File Size: 10,90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 6468
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Ever wonder how to take your climbing to the next level? Has injury prevented you from climbing? Whether you're a professional athlete or a novice climber, ?Climb Injury-Free? is the guide that will take your climbing to the next level. The book utilizes the ?Rock Rehab Pyramid,? the most advanced injury prevention and athletic performance program built specifically for rock climbers. You will learn how to diagnosis, treat and prevent the 10 most common climbing injuries in step-by-step chapters.Learn exclusive injury advice with over 30 profiles from top professional climbers including Adam Ondra, Sasha DiGiulian Sean McColl, Jonathan Siegrist and many more. Now you can utilize the system used by thousands of climbers worldwide and see the results for yourself. Start today on the path to recovery and take your climbing to the next level. Climb on!


Autor: Roland Smith
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780547417172
File Size: 3,18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 7806
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The only thing you’ll find on the summit of Mount Everest is a divine view. The things that really matter lie far below. – Peak Marcello After fourteen-year-old Peak Marcello is arrested for scaling a New York City skyscraper, he's left with two choices: wither away in Juvenile Detention or go live with his long-lost father, who runs a climbing company in Thailand. But Peak quickly learns that his father's renewed interest in him has strings attached. Big strings. As owner of Peak Expeditions, he wants his son to be the youngest person to reach the Everest summit--and his motives are selfish at best. Even so, for a climbing addict like Peak, tackling Everest is the challenge of a lifetime. But it's also one that could cost him his life. Roland Smith has created an action-packed adventure about friendship, sacrifice, family, and the drive to take on Everest, despite the incredible risk. The story of Peak’s dangerous ascent—told in his own words—is suspenseful, immediate, and impossible to put down.

Sport Climbing

Autor: Andrew Bisharat
Publisher: Mountaineers Books
ISBN: 1594855137
File Size: 6,88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 8639
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Sport climbers often project a route that tests their physical limits in hopes of an eventual completion, regardless of the number of attempts. Succeeding requires a solid understanding of belaying and other climbing techniques that are used in various climbing disciplines, but are detailed here specifically for sport climbing. Targeting varying abilities, Sport Climbing teaches climbers how to rehearse moves and train for routes, how to get through the pump, how to fight until the end of a pitch, how to stay composed when tired, and how to best use their bodies to climb efficiently and expertly. Whether inspiring new climbers to learn the nuances of scaling vertical terrain, or delving into a deeper, more conceptual understanding of how to go about projecting a route, Andrew Bisharat brings confidence and a level of practicality to the sport. He demonstrates how skills specific to redpointing transfer over to traditional climbing, making this a must-have book for any climber. Featuring tips from famous climbers such as Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold, the author brings a modern voice to a fun and exciting sport.

How To Rock Climb

Autor: John Long
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762766743
File Size: 12,53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 1067
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How to Rock Climb!, now in its fifth edition, is the most thorough instructional rock climbing book in the world. All the fundamentals—from ethics to getting up the rock—are presented in John Long's classic style. Thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the modern standards of equipment, technique, and training methods, this guide includes sections on face climbing; crack climbing; ropes, anchors, and belays; getting off the rock; sport climbing; and much more. It is the essential how-to book for rock climbers everywhere. Now with more than 300 color photographs and illustrations, this is the most thorough and complete upgrade this best-selling title has seen since first publishing more than a decade ago.

Simple Strength

Autor: Mercedes Pollmeier
ISBN: 9781515176237
File Size: 25,89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 2606
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Learn How to Move More Efficiently by Implementing These Simple Exercises Simple Strength is a book about developing efficiency of movement through practice and training of the three basic human movements, the push up, the squat, and the back bend. I believe training should be fun, challenging, and help you become a master of movement. Better Movement Learn how the three basic human movements can help you become an athlete that moves well across all outdoor sports that you do. Workouts in Less Time See how these movements can be implemented immediately and done quickly, saving you time so that you can do the things you really want to do. Videos and Photos Included to Show you Exactly How to do Each Exercise There are over 100 variations of exercises in the book, with pictures of each exercise and select video demonstrations, all to help you achieve the best technique so that you can perform at your highest level. Sample Programs There are also sample programs included so that you can start implementing the exercises right away!

Performance Rock Climbing

Autor: Dale Goddard
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 9780811722193
File Size: 18,97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 6909
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Handbook for experienced climbers covers all the physical and psychological aspects of climbing training.

Long Term Athlete Development

Autor: Istvan Balyi
Publisher: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 1492582158
File Size: 22,17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 776
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Long-Term Athlete Development describes how to systematically develop sporting excellence and increase active participation in local, regional, and national sport organizations. This resource describes the long-term athlete development (LTAD) model, an approach to athlete-centered sport that combines skill instruction with long-term planning and an understanding of human development. By learning about LTAD, sport administrators and coaches will gain the knowledge and tools to enhance participation and improve performance and growth of athletes. This text offers the first in-depth and practical explanation of the LTAD model. Long-Term Athlete Development integrates current research on talent development and assessment into practice to help sport leaders plan athletic development across the life span or design detailed programs for a particular group, including those with physical and cognitive disabilities. Authors Balyi, Way, and Higgs—pioneers and veteran LTAD facilitators—critique current talent development models, discuss the limitations of the LTAD model, and demonstrate the benefits of LTAD as a new approach. By integrating knowledge of these models, readers are able to analyze their own programs and take steps to improve sport and coaching philosophies and reach adherence and performance goals. Explanations and visuals of concepts help readers understand the state of knowledge in talent identification and long-term athlete development. Chapter-opening vignettes offer examples of how the LTAD model can be used to alleviate common issues. Listings at the end of each chapter offer sources for further study, and reflection questions guide readers in applying the content. The text offers a logical presentation of current research: • Key factors that guide and shape the LTAD model, such as physical literacy, the differences between early- and late-specialization sports, and variations in trainability across the life span • Information on the time needed to develop excellence in sport and how periodization of training is related to the developmental stage of the athlete • The seven stages of LTAD, from development of fundamental movement skills to training for elite competition and the transition to lifelong physical activity • Considerations in the development of optimal programs for participants passing through each of the seven stages Long-Term Athlete Development is an essential guide to improving the quality of sport, developing high-performance athletes, and creating healthy, active citizens. It offers parents, coaches, and sport administrators a deeper understanding of the LTAD model, helping them create an enjoyable, developmentally appropriate environment for both competitive athletes and enthusiastic participants.

The Self Coached Climber

Autor: Dan Hague
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 0811733394
File Size: 17,38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 3744
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A dynamic package of training material from a pair of expert coaches, The Self-Coached Climber offers comprehensive instruction, from the basics of gripping holds to specific guidelines for developing a customized improvement plan. Hague and Hunter base their methods on the four fundamental components of all human movement--balance, force, time, and space--and explain how to apply these principles to achieve efficient results. The DVD presents live demonstrations of training exercises and features an original documentary of a 5.14a/b redpoint attempt by Adam Stack and Chris Lindner. Self-Coached Climber was named a finalist in the Mountain Exposition Category at the 2007 Banff Mountain Festival.

Fatal Mountaineer

Autor: Robert Roper
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1429979895
File Size: 19,65 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 8712
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Willi Unsoeld became an international hero during the Kennedy years, when he emerged as probably the greatest American climber of the Himalayan golden age. Displaying the sort of vigor that President Kennedy so admired, Unsoeld became the most visible hero of an ascent of Everest's previously-unclimbed West Ridge -- an ascent that cost him parts of both feet and nearly his life. His casual fearlessness and physical power established the template for extreme adventure, and his lectures as a charismatic professor inspired the generation of the sixties to test itself in acts of physical daring. Fatal Mountaineer sets Willi Unsoeld's intense life against the story of two defining adventures: the triumph on Everest and a more ill-starred expedition in 1976, when he led a group of mountaineers up a new route on Nanda Devi, the tallest peak in India. One of that gifted group of climbers was Willi's daughter, Devi -- a golden girl named for the mountain she sought to ascend with her beloved father. The intense rivalries within the expedition team, and the dangers of the route, led to an outcome darkened by tragedy, an outcome that continues to fuel one of the most tormenting debates in mountaineering history. Blending adventure with a frank look at the cultural background, Fatal Mountaineer considers the pressures on mountaineers in a period of our history torn by conflict. It balances hunger for fame with stark tragedy, a man's ambition with a father's love. Unsoeld emerges as an American classic, a self-invented genius of adventure to rank with Mark Twain or Will Rogers for sheer attractiveness. Under the close scrutiny of this thrilling story, his heroism turns out to be deeply authentic-as does his suffering.

Climbing The Stairs

Autor: Padma Venkatraman
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101650540
File Size: 5,81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 6620
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During World War II and the last days of British occupation in India, fifteen-year-old Vidya dreams of attending college. But when her forward-thinking father is beaten senseless by the British police, she is forced to live with her grandfather’s large traditional family, where the women live apart from the men and are meant to be married off as soon as possible. Vidya’s only refuge becomes her grandfather’s upstairs library, which is forbidden to women. There she meets Raman, a young man also living in the house who relishes her intellectual curiosity. But when Vidya’s brother makes a choice the family cannot condone, and when Raman seems to want more than friendship, Vidkya must question all she has believed in. Padma Venkatraman’s debut novel poignantly shows a girl struggling to find her place in a mixedup world. Climbing the Stairs is a powerful story about love and loss set against a fascinating historical backdrop. Read Padma Venkatraman's posts on the Penguin Blog.

Coaching Climbing

Autor: Michelle Hurni
Publisher: Falcon Guides
ISBN: 9780762725342
File Size: 6,10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 768
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This book is for climbing coaches and teachers and parents of young climbers. It presents an integrated approach to coaching, focusing on individualized evaluation and training of climbers as the key to improving performance and maintaining safety and enthusiasm. It includes exercises for working on movement, training for competitions, sensible physical conditioning, and injury prevention. This is the first comprehensive resource for coaching the fastest-growing sport in the United States today.