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Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind

Autor: T. Harv Eker
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780061793660
File Size: 19,71 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 3025
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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind reveals the missing link between wanting success and achieving it! Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get rich easily, while others are destined for a life of financial struggle? Is the difference found in their education, intelligence, skills, timing, work habits, contacts, luck, or their choice of jobs, businesses, or investments? The shocking answer is: None of the above! In his groundbreaking Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker states: "Give me five minutes, and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life!" Eker does this by identifying your "money and success blueprint." We all have a personal money blueprint ingrained in our subconscious minds, and it is this blueprint, more than anything, that will determine our financial lives. You can know everything about marketing, sales, negotiations, stocks, real estate, and the world of finance, but if your money blueprint is not set for a high level of success, you will never have a lot of money—and if somehow you do, you will most likely lose it! The good news is that now you can actually reset your money blueprint to create natural and automatic success. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is two books in one. Part I explains how your money blueprint works. Through Eker's rare combination of street smarts, humor, and heart, you will learn how your childhood influences have shaped your financial destiny. You will also learn how to identify your own money blueprint and "revise" it to not only create success but, more important, to keep and continually grow it. In Part II you will be introduced to seventeen "Wealth Files," which describe exactly how rich people think and act differently than most poor and middle-class people. Each Wealth File includes action steps for you to practice in the real world in order to dramatically increase your income and accumulate wealth. If you are not doing as well financially as you would like, you will have to change your money blueprint. Unfortunately your current money blueprint will tend to stay with you for the rest of your life, unless you identify and revise it, and that's exactly what you will do with the help of this extraordinary book. According to T. Harv Eker, it's simple. If you think like rich people think and do what rich people do, chances are you'll get rich too!

The Millionaire Mind

Autor: Thomas J. Stanley
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 9780740718588
File Size: 17,52 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 6393
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Distinguishing the qualities that separate the prosperous from everyone else, the author mixes statistical data and lively anecdotes to plumb the secrets behind generating wealth. Reprint.

The Money Code

Autor: Raimon Samso
ISBN: 9781794318625
File Size: 14,81 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 1740
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The "money game" has its own rules, do you know them?You can not not play "the money game", but you can lose it if you ignore them.Do you want to achieve financial independence? Do you want more time and a new lifestyle? Would you like to double your income every year? ...If you answered affirmatively, this reading will provide you with these answers and a new mindset about money and wealth. "The Money Code" ® contains everything you need to know to win your financial freedom."The Money Code" ® will reveal what you have never been taught at school, at university, or at home about money (simply because you do not know it) so that you will be free, wise and rich.Do you want to discover the Code that opens the safe of prosperity? Open the book and start reading ...Raimon Samsó, author of 24 books, expert in money and conscience.

Ten Secrets Of Abundant Health

Autor: Adam J. Jackson
Publisher: Harpercollins
ISBN: 9780061044243
File Size: 27,30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 2467
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A comprehensive guide to physical and spiritual health cites the importance of understanding the human body and presents a parable of self-exploration and discovery that covers how to let go of an unhealthy past. Reprint.

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Autor: Mike Michalowicz
Publisher: Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
ISBN: 0981808204
File Size: 9,66 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 3544
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Trying to start a business in this economy? Struggling with little or no cash? Have no experience, no baseline to judge your progress against? Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for years, the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur's "get real", actionable approach to business is a much-needed swift kick in the pants.

Total Mind Power

Autor: Donald L. Wilson
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595002153
File Size: 8,85 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 5727
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Total Mind Power is a foolproof, effortless, step-by-step procedure for using the "idling" 90% of your mind to solve specific, practical problems... Learn Quickly Remember Names Stop Smoking Enjoy Sex Lose Weight Retard Aging Improve Health Increase Memory Control Developed from the latest scientific research, TOTAL MIND POWER is not a theory, not a meditative program or self-help peptalk—it is a practicing physician's proven method of focusing awareness for short periods of time to achieve increased mind-power immediately. It works and it will work for you.

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Autor: Joseph Murphy
Publisher: Samaira Book Publishers
ISBN: 8193540115
File Size: 20,45 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 4451
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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind will open a world of success, happiness, prosperity, and peace for you. It is one of the most brilliant and beloved spiritual self-help works of all time which can help you heal yourself, banish your fears, sleep better, enjoy better relationships and just feel happier. The techniques are simple and results come quickly. You can improve your relationships, your finances, your physical well-being. In this book, the author fuses his spiritual wisdom and scientific research to bring to light how the sub-conscious mind can be a major influence on our daily lives. Once you understand your subconscious mind, you can also control or get rid of the various phobias that you may have in turn opening a brand new world of positive energy.

Think And Grow Rich

Autor: Napoleon Hill
Publisher: Nine99 Innovation Lab (OPC) Pvt Ltd
File Size: 23,73 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 2700
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This book contains money-making secrets that can change your life. Think and Grow Rich, based on the author’s famed Law of Success, represents the distilled wisdom of distinguished men of great wealth and achievement. Andrew Carnegie’s magic formula for success was the direct inspiration for this book. Carnegie demonstrated its soundness when his coaching brought fortunes to those young men to whom he had disclosed his secret. This book will teach you that secret—and the secrets of other great men like him. It will show you not only what to do but also how to do it. If you learn and apply the simple basic techniques revealed here, you will have mastered the secret of true and lasting success—and you may have whatever you want in life!

The Key To Personal Peace

Autor: Billy Graham
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 141855569X
File Size: 15,55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 4705
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People are seeking the answer to the confusion, the moral sickness, the spiritual emptiness that oppresses the world. We are all crying out for guidance. For comfort. For peace. Is there a way out of our dilemma? Can we really find personal peace with God? Yes! But only if we look in the right place. The Key to Personal Peace not only includes trusted Biblical insights from renowned evangelist Dr. Billy Graham, but also includes the full gospel of John, making the book a perfect gift for evangelism or outreach. The Key to Personal Peace offers a look into how to live life in the fullness of God. Sections include: The Great Quest Our Dilemma What is God Like What Did Jesus Do for Us? Finding the Way Back Peace at Last Heaven, Our Hope Note: Must be ordered in multiples of 50.

A Cry From Egypt

Autor: Hope Auer
ISBN: 9781938554018
File Size: 28,16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 1896
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"'Girls, get back!' Ezra shouted. His face was pale, but his eyes kindled with indignation as he stood in front of the girls protectively. Ezra dropped the pitchers in the sand and his hand flashed to a dagger, concealed under his tunic. Jarah's eyes grew wide. He could be killed for carrying a dagger! Jarah was a slave in Egypt. It was a dangerous place to be. Her work was exhausting and her family was torn between the gods of the Egyptians and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And her brother ... would his Ada be given in marriage to an Egyptian in the palace? Would they ever be free? Adventure, excitement, love, and faith come together when Jarah and her family find themselves at the culmination of four hundred years of history"--Page 4 of cover.

Sala De Dormitorios A Millonario

Autor: Alex Morton
Publisher: Beyond Publishing
ISBN: 9780998729299
File Size: 14,60 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 7499
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La demora "Sala de dormitorios a millonario" es una guia a prueba de balas para cualquier persona que vaya desde donde estan hasta donde realmente quieren estar. Sin BS, sin Fluff, sin teorias de Guru y sin recubrimiento de azucar.

The Great Gold Silver Crypto Rush Of The 21st Century

Autor: Michael Maloney
Publisher: Bzk Press
ISBN: 9781947588028
File Size: 16,47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 620
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In The Great Gold, Silver and Crypto Rush of the 21st Century, Mike Maloney and Jeff Clark show why more wealth will be won and lost than ever before. They explain why the global spread of democracy, financial affluence, changes in laws, the development of the investor mindset, and the coming change in the worldwide monetary system are all conspiring to make this the biggest financial event the world has ever seen.Zero interest rates and massive currency creation have push real estate, stocks, and bonds back into massive bubbles, and now the entire world is in the "everything except gold and silver bubble," But the forces that threaten the world monetary system are the same forces that will propel gold and silver to unimaginable heights. Yes, the threat has never been bigger, but that means that the opportunity has never been bigger.Since 2001, savvy investors and central banks, preparing for the next financial crisis, have already purchased three times more gold and silver than they did in the entire bull market of the 1970s--and they've gobbled up more than ten times the gold that came out of the ground in the California Gold Rush of 1849. Nothing in history can compare. But don't worry... you haven't missed anything. This is only the beginning... the big rush is yet to come. People will either become richer or poorer. The good news is that it is entirely up to them.

Personality Plus

Autor: Florence Littauer
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 144120007X
File Size: 6,74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 5203
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A revealing "personality profile" self-test and Littauer's insightful advice help readers better understand themselves and others. A best-seller.

8 Lessons In Military Leadership For Entrepreneurs

Autor: Robert T. Kiyosaki
Publisher: Plata Pub
ISBN: 9781612680538
File Size: 22,54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 2708
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Robert Kiyosaki’s new book 8 Lessons in Leadership draws from his years at the Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point and his service in the United Sates Marine Corps. With compelling stories and examples and a engaging way of comparing and contrasting two very different cultures and value systems, Robert shares the challenges he faced in transitioning to civilian life&hellipwhere chain of command and team-over-self--once so black and white--were muddy and distorted. "Permission to speak freely, sir?" Count on it. This is Robert Kiyosaki--and he does just that, in the forthright and no-nonsense style that readers have come to expect and appreciate. From Robert's perspective, military training shapes lives and supports entrepreneurship. The training, discipline, and leadership skills taught in the military can be leveraged for huge success in the civilian world of business. Highlights of 8 Lessons in Leadership include sections on Mission and Team, Discipline, Respect, Authority, Speed, the Power of Connectivity, Leaders as Teachers, Sales and Leadership.

Rich Dad S Before You Quit Your Job

Autor: Robert T. Kiyosaki
ISBN: 9780446586894
File Size: 5,86 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 1331
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The tenth book in the series provides firsthand accounts of the author's startup companies, what he learned from his successes and failures, and other topics a reader needs to know in order to start a company and quickly develop it.

The 100 Simple Secrets Of Happy People

Autor: David Niven, PhD
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061739286
File Size: 19,45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 1726
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Scientists and academics have spent entire careers investigating what makes people happy. But hidden in obscure scholarly journals and reports, their research is all too often inaccessible to ordinary people. Now the bestselling author of the 100 Simple Secrets series distills the scientific findings of over a thousand of the most important studies on happiness into easy-to-digest nuggets of advice. Each of the hundred practices is illustrated with a clear example and illuminated by a straightforward explanation of the science behind it to show you how to transform a ho-hum existence into a full and happy life. Believe in yourself: Across all ages, and all groups, a solid belief in one's own abilities increases life satisfaction by about 40 percent, and makes us happier both in our home lives and in our work lives. Turn off your TV: Watching too much TV can triple our hunger for more possessions, while reducing our personal contentment by about 5 percent for every hour a day we watch.

Attitude Is Everything

Autor: Jeff Keller
Publisher: INTI Publishing & Resource Books
ISBN: 9781891279218
File Size: 10,37 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 2670
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The author discovered the power of a positive attitude! Jeff Keller began an intensive study of personal growth principles. You, too, have the ability to transform your own life and soar to new heights of success and fulfillment.


Autor: James Rutz
Publisher: Wnd Books
ISBN: 9781936488827
File Size: 17,52 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 4886
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The 1,700-year nightmare is over. A megashift of spiritual power in the hands of ordinary people is about to overwhelm the world. Prepare yourself to take part in a total makeover of planet earth! It's a shocker! Rutz's research has found fifty-two countries where God has raised people from the dead, mostly in the last fifteen years. These are not near-death experiences, but bona fide resurrections - by regular people. China already has over 110 million Christians who are taking power roles in the church. Since 2001, Rutz has taught former Hindus across India who now have planted thousands of house churches. The revolution is headed this way. Discover a new world where . . . · Over a billion non-Christians may become highly active Christians in the next dozen years. · A whole new form of Christianity promises to bring a far greater impact than the Protestant Reformation. · Millions of ordinary people are doing miracles. · A vast cleansing storm is roaring toward us from abroad. Megashift is a startling introduction to that surge of grass roots power and love that will lay a whole new basis for civilization. Thousands of committed teams around the globe are producing a neo-culture of responsible freedom. This is the next step up from Protestantism, though the beliefs remain the same. It is a joyful megashift away from pastor-centered, spectator religion toward a more biblical church where God works directly through you--and you are freed from your problems and empowered to do wonders. This book can turn you into a genuine priest with full authority to transform people and start your own network: small, sermon-free, life-changing circles of power where people are allowed to speak and interact and form the deepest friendships of their lives. Your adventure is here.