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They Must Be Stopped

Autor: Brigitte Gabriel
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9781429931731
File Size: 21,85 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 8217
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They Must Be Stopped is New York Times bestselling author Brigitte Gabriel's warning to the world: We can no longer ignore the growth of radical Islam--we must act soon, and powerfully. Gabriel challenges our western and politically-correct notions about Islam, demonstrating why radical Islam is so deadly and how we can halt its progress. Brigitte Gabriel speaks her mind: *Fundamentalist Islam is a religion rooted in 7th century teachings that are fundamentally opposed to democracy and equality. *Radical Islamists are utterly contemptuous of all "infidels" (non-Muslims) and regard them as enemies worthy of death. *Madrassas in America are increasing in number, and they are just one part of a growing radical Islamic army on US soil. *Radical Islam exploits the US legal system and America's protection of religion to spread its hatred for western values. *America must organize a unified voice that says "enough" to political correctness, and demands that government officials and elected representatives do whatever is necessary to protect us. Brigitte Gabriel has fearlessly faced down critics, death threats, and political correctness, and is one of the most sought after terrorism experts in the world. They Must Be Stopped is her clarion call to action. Gabriel thoroughly addresses the historical and religious basis of radical Islam, its frightening encroachment into societies around the world, and its abuses of democracy in the name of religion.

Censored Exposing The New World Order S Agenda To Control Mankind Through Hate Speech Laws And Revived Nazism

Autor: J. K Sheindlin
ISBN: 9780994362971
File Size: 17,71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 4008
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"Read with great interest and was very impressed by the level of research committed to the project." - Katie Hopkins Productions, Radio DJ for LBC UK "J.K Sheindlin has done something incredible!" - WND Online News 'Censored' is the explosive tell-all autobiography from #1 international bestseller J.K Sheindlin, the critically acclaimed author of 'The People vs Muhammad - Psychological Analysis', and 'Questions that Islam can't answer'. Persecuted by Big Tech and reviled by the liberal elites, Sheindlin is the ultimate insider to global censorship who dared to psychoanalyse the founder of the world's most intolerable religion. After popular demand, the author finally shares the controversial story. Driven from the social media landscape, and labeled as persona-non-grata in the emerging globalist world, Sheindlin unveils the dirty communist tactics used by Big Tech to intimidate, crush and censor opponents of the liberal-Marxist agenda. In this book, you will... - Be informed firsthand from the insider's experience. - Learn how the tech elites broke their own rules in desperation to kill the author's exposure. - Discover how Big Tech historically aided in creating the holocaust, and the formation of the European political superstate. - Be warned about the master plan Silicon Valley is ushering in to silence your speech, and how the industry protects pedophiles but punishes patriots. - Learn how the CIA created the global censorship and media manipulation program today known as Project Mockingbird. - Find out how Obama became the catalyst to bring the west to its knees. - Discover how Obama's mother's CIA family history has infiltrated the tech industry to usher in communism. - Witness leaked documents and sources showing liberal infiltration of Big Tech. - Find out how even the mainstream churches have been infiltrated. - Be aware of how each of the bill of rights have been violated. - Learn how to protect your rights and to resist global censorship. A timely and erudite release due to the increase of draconian online censorship, J.K Sheindlin is the harbinger for humanity, and brings a warning to all of the coming global persecution complex.

Questions That Islam Can T Answer Volume One

Autor: J. K Sheindlin
Publisher: J.K Sheindlin Publishing
ISBN: 9780994362926
File Size: 8,61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 8323
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"Read with great interest and was very impressed by the level of research committed to the project." - Katie Hopkins Productions, Radio DJ for LBC UK - on the author's work. "J.K Sheindlin has done something incredible " - WND Online News - on the author's work. From #1 international bestseller J.K Sheindlin, author of the critically acclaimed and controversial 'The People vs Muhammad', comes the new book series which will equally, and undoubtedly, set the Islamic world on fire... once again. 'Questions that Islam can't answer' is the multipart series which asks the embarrassing questions that Muslims will find impossible to answer. Researched entirely using a wide spectrum of certified Islamic sources, this series turns the tables on the Islamic world, by placing the burden of proof on all Muhammadans. As every Muslim on the planet insists, Islam is allegedly the most perfect and faultless religion which apparently provides the irrefutable answers to life's questions. In volume one, J.K Sheindlin puts this assertion to the test by asking the most heretical, politically-incorrect and palpitation-inducing arguments that no Muslim will dare answer. Without a doubt, this series will be the ultimate source of embarrassment for the Islamic nation, especially when Muslims will not be able to answer the following questions regarding their 'holy' texts... Why are Muslims and Muhammad going to hell? Why is there no salvation in Islam? Why is there absolutely no proof Muhammad existed? Why has the Quran been corrupted? Why is there no proof Mecca existed in Muhammad's time? Why is there no evidence of Islam after Muhammad died? Why is Islam incapable of progression? Why does Sharia law fail everyone? Why does the oldest Quran negate '72 wide-eyed virgins' with 'grapes'? And much, much more... Factually written, and often humorous, the long list of compelling and unanswerable questions are guaranteed to have your Muslim friends gnashing their teeth and cursing their prophet for years to come. Designed to be an easy read and accessible for people of all ages, 'Questions that Islam can't answer' will provide all the fun and embarrassing facts for all your Muslim friends

The Truth About Muhammad

Autor: Robert Spencer
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1596980478
File Size: 17,36 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 7608
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Muhammad: a frank look at his influential (and violent) life and teachings In The Truth about Muhammad, New York Times bestselling author and Islam expert Robert Spencer offers an honest and telling portrait of the founder of Islam-perhaps the first such portrait in half a century-unbounded by fear and political correctness, unflinching, and willing to face the hard facts about Muhammad's life that continue to affect our world today. From Muhammad's first "revelation" from Allah (which filled him with terror that he was demonpossessed) to his deathbed (from which he called down curses upon Jews and Christians), it's all here-told with extensive documentation from the sources that Muslims themselves consider most reliable about Muhammad. Spencer details Muhammad's development from a preacher of hellfire and damnation into a political and military leader who expanded his rule by force of arms, promising his warriors luridly physical delights in Paradise if they were killed in his cause. He explains how the Qur'an's teaching on warfare against unbelievers developed-with constant war to establish the hegemony of Islamic law as the last stage. Spencer also gives the truth about Muhammad's convenient "revelations" justifying his own licentiousness; his joy in the brutal murders of his enemies; and above all, his clear marching orders to his followers to convert non-Muslims to Islam-or force them to live as inferiors under Islamic rule. In The Truth about Muhammad, you'll learn - The truth about Muhammad's multiple marriages (including one to a nine-year-old) - How Muhammad set legal standards that make it virtually impossible to prove rape in Islamic countries - How Muhammad's example justifies jihad and terrorism - The real "Satanic verses" incident (not the Salman Rushdie version) that remains a scandal to Muslims - How Muhammad's faulty knowledge of Judaism and Christianity has influenced Islamic theology--and colored Muslim relations with Jews and Christians to this day. Recognizing the true nature of Islam, Spencer argues, is essential for judging the prospects for largescale Islamic reform, the effective prosecution of the War on Terror, the democracy project in Afghanistan and Iraq, and immigration and border control to protect the United States from terrorism. All of which makes it crucial for every citizen (and policymaker) who loves freedom to read and ponder The Truth about Muhammad

Because They Hate

Autor: Brigitte Gabriel
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9781429927932
File Size: 19,79 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 1017
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Brigitte Gabriel lost her childhood to militant Islam. In 1975 she was ten years old and living in Southern Lebanon when militant Muslims from throughout the Middle East poured into her country and declared jihad against the Lebanese Christians. Lebanon was the only Christian influenced country in the Middle East, and the Lebanese Civil War was the first front in what has become the worldwide jihad of fundamentalist Islam against non-Muslim peoples. For seven years, Brigitte and her parents lived in an underground bomb shelter. They had no running water or electricity and very little food; at times they were reduced to boiling grass to survive. Because They Hate is a political wake-up call told through a very personal memoir frame. Brigitte warns that the US is threatened by fundamentalist Islamic theology in the same way Lebanon was— radical Islam will stop at nothing short of domination of all non-Muslim countries. Gabriel saw this mission start in Lebanon, and she refuses to stand silently by while it happens here. Gabriel sees in the West a lack of understanding and a blatant ignorance of the ways and thinking of the Middle East. She also points out mistakes the West has made in consistently underestimating the single-mindedness with which fundamentalist Islam has pursued its goals over the past thirty years. Fiercely articulate and passionately committed, Gabriel tells her own story as well as outlines the history, social movements, and religious divisions that have led to this critical historical conflict.

What The Modern Martyr Should Know

Autor: Norbert G. Pressburg
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781468129038
File Size: 14,85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 981
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In the thoroughly researched What the Modern Martyr Should Know: Seventy-two Grapes and Not a Single Virgin, The New Picture of Islam, scholar Norbert G. Pressburg reveals the facts and fictions surrounding Islam, even as he shows how far astray Islam has wandered from its original purpose. Islam became known commonly during the 1973 oil crisis, and later when terrorist acts began to be done in the name of Islam. More disturbingly, these brutal acts of violence were celebrated as the beginning of a global jihad. It was no wonder that many people began to view this religion with alarm and suspicion. Pressburg uses latest researches to show how the Qur'an was misinterpreted through history by those in power, and for their own nefarious needs. Over the centuries errors, mistakes and forgeries have changed the original content, the real message of this holy book has been subverted. Many people know that terrorists expect to be greeted by virgins in Paradise when they die, but Pressburg shows that a truer translation says nothing about virgins at all. He also points out that the supposed admonition for women to wear veils is not God's word at all, but the private opinion of a later interpreter. By getting as close as possible to the original texts and examining the languages and the times in which they were written, scientists have uncovered a new picture of this complex religion. What the Modern Martyr Should Know serves to provide readers with up-to-the-minute knowledge on historical Islam, findings which readers will be surprised to discover look nothing like the traditional image we have known. Entertainingly written and thoughtful, and thoroughly researched, What the Modern Martyr Should Know reveals a complete new picture of the origins of Islam and of what is really know about the Prophet Muhamad. This bold, wise book can help anyone understand more about the past, the present and possibly the future of Islam.

The Complete Infidel S Guide To The Koran

Autor: Robert Spencer
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1596981261
File Size: 25,23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 1784
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How can one book lead to such dramatically different conclusions? Robert Spencer reveals the truth in The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran: not many Westerners know what's in the Koran, since so few have actually read it - even among the legions of politicians, diplomats, analysts, and editorial writers who vehemently insist that the Koran preaches tolerance. Spencer unveils the mysteries lying behind this powerful book, guiding readers through the controversies surrounding the Koran's origins and its most contentious passages. Stripping out the obsolete debates, Spencer focuses on the Koran's decrees toward Jews, Christians, and other Infidels, explaining how they were viewed in Muhammad's time, what they've supposedly done wrong, and most important, what the Koran has in store for them.

The Deception Of Allah Volume 1

Autor: Christian Prince
Publisher: Usama Dakdok Publlishing, LLC
ISBN: 9780982413722
File Size: 7,95 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 4329
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The Deception of Allah is about The faith of Islam The name of this book is taken from Qur'an 3:54, which says, "plus they deceived and Allah deceived and Allah is the best of deceivers." V1 exposes some of the claims of Muslims about the Qur'an and scientific miracles, but In V 2 (Qur'an And Science in Depth) of the book covers the rest of it. The book is made to be a powerful tool in your hand to prevent any kind of deception can come to you or your family. Muslims are trying to spread Islam all over USA and the rest of the world by deception, using the ignorance of the Western regarding Islam, and Arabic language, imagine your son or daughter coming back from school and telling you I became a Muslim, I'm sure you don't want this to happen to your house and your family, and the best way to prevent it is education, this book is nothing more than masterpiece of education, every page in this book come with the actual text and sources with real translation, with no Political Correctness and the Totalitarian Mentality,"The Deception of Allah Volume I" addresses the things you need to know about Islam, basing its information on citations and quotes from accepted Islamic sources. The author shoots down one myth and misconception after another by revealing exactly what the Qur'an, Sunnah and Tafsirs (commentaries) say about each subject. The author is a native Arabic speaker He got a degree in Islamic Law (Sharia Law) & Civil Law. Which make him qualified to be a Judge in Islamic court, who has intimate knowledge of the foundation Islamic texts. He uses this knowledge to address an expansive list of topics representing typical questions or myths about Islam. The coverage of each topic includes explanation and specific relevant quotes from Islamic sources. "The Deception of Allah" is a must read for anyone wanting to understand Islam and its relevance to western civilization. don't forget to get your copy of Qur'an And Science in Depth. Note you can read Christian Prince books in German, French, Swedish, and very soon in Spanish and Russian.

The Story Of Mohammed Islam Unveiled

Autor: Harry Richardson
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781496019332
File Size: 30,71 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 5701
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Mohammed's story is the most incredible story never told. It is said that truth is stranger than fiction and honestly, NO-ONE could have made this up. There are battles, murders, intrigues, rapes, assassinations, torture, intimidation, and much much more. Along the way Mohammed invented Jihad, the most effective system of conquest ever devised. Mohammed's life story is also the key which unlocks the complexities and confusion of the Islamic religion itself. By understanding his story we quickly gain a clear insight into Islam and the incredible importance this subject holds for our future. This amazing book pulls no punches and brings the subject to life in a way which is both fascinating and informative. Rather than looking at Islam through a prism of Western (and by default, Christian) perspective, it examines the Islamic perspective itself. In doing so it illuminates the contrast between Western and Islamic ethics and beliefs in plain and simple language which makes it a delight to read. Millions of people, both Muslims and non Muslims are tragically affected by aspects of Islam. More than 95% of all wars and armed conflict today involve Muslims. Muslims also suffer some of the highest rates of poverty, disease, hunger, illiteracy, environmental degradation and many more crippling disadvantages. By tackling the subject head on, this book leaves us with the knowledge and understanding to address these problems with logical and well thought out solutions. Debra Riddle on Amazon UK said:I started to read this book open minded but could not put it down. I think every living person in the world today whatever religion should read this. Absolutely brilliant, a real eye opener and written so anyone can understand. Kazi Asaduzzaman said:This is a fantastic book with all the significant insights into the subject. To understand the subject, it is a valuable tool for the Non Muslims to begin with and an eye opener for the Muslims who want to know the truth from all the perspectives.I strongly recommend this book for others to read. In the current context, it's a must read. F. Parsons, also on Amazon UK called it “Brilliant” and left the following review:“A concise and factual account of the exploits of Mohammed and the repercussions throughout history to today. I could not put this book down having started reading it. Highly recommended”. Fred J. Alexander said:This amazing factual book reads like an adventure story. Islam is based on the life of Mohammed and Mohammed is not like any other prophet. Easy reading only 135 pages. If you want insight on Islam and Jiahd, etc. this is for you. John “Crafty” of Sydney said:This book really impressed me. I feared a xenophobic treatise but instead found a compelling history of Islam. Certainly I will read more to increase my knowledge. To find out why this book has so many 5 star reviews, secure your copy now while it remains at this bargain basement price.

Does God Hate Women

Autor: Ophelia Benson
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0826498264
File Size: 4,31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 5306
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This book explores the role that religion and culture play in the oppression of women. Ophelia Benson and Jeremy Stangroom ask probing questions about the way that religion shields the oppression of women from criticism and why many Western liberals, leftists and feminists have remained largely silent on the subject. Does God Hate Women? explores instances of the oppression of women in the name of religious and cultural norms and how these issues play out both in the community and in the political arena. Drawing on philosophical concerns such as truth, relativism, knowledge and ethics, Benson and Stangroom assess the current situation and provide a rallying call for a progressive politics that is committed to universal values. This book will appeal to anyone interested in issues of global justice, human rights and multiculturalism.

God Is Not Great

Autor: Christopher Hitchens
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
ISBN: 1551991764
File Size: 12,39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 1296
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Christopher Hitchens, described in the London Observer as “one of the most prolific, as well as brilliant, journalists of our time” takes on his biggest subject yet–the increasingly dangerous role of religion in the world. In the tradition of Bertrand Russell’s Why I Am Not a Christian and Sam Harris’s recent bestseller, The End Of Faith, Christopher Hitchens makes the ultimate case against religion. With a close and erudite reading of the major religious texts, he documents the ways in which religion is a man-made wish, a cause of dangerous sexual repression, and a distortion of our origins in the cosmos. With eloquent clarity, Hitchens frames the argument for a more secular life based on science and reason, in which hell is replaced by the Hubble Telescope’s awesome view of the universe, and Moses and the burning bush give way to the beauty and symmetry of the double helix. From the Hardcover edition.

Islam Dismantled

Autor: Sujit Das
ISBN: 9781926800066
File Size: 29,51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 2559
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Das dismantles Islam by exposing the imposture of Muhammad. The irony is that the entire religion of Islam is based on the truth claim of such a man who could easily swing back and forth between the two extremesNreality and fantasy. The author asserts Muhammad suffered from malignant narcissism and was also affected by neurotic disorder which caused regular psychiatric delusions.


Autor: Deepak Chopra
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062010581
File Size: 7,99 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 4515
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“Compassionate and clear…a courageous undertaking.” —Greg Mortenson, New York Times bestselling author of Three Cups of Tea and Stones into Schools “As a scholar and storyteller extraordinaire, Deepak Chopra portrays a morally courageous yet highly human messenger of God.” —Irshad Manji, Director, Moral Courage Project, New York University From the New York Times bestselling author of Buddha and Jesus comes the page-turning and soul-stirring story of Muhammad. Deepak Chopra—easily one of the most influential spiritual leaders in the world today—delivers this stunning, sincere, and highly accessible portrait of the Prophet of Islam. Chopra’s Muhammad is an outstanding resource for everyone who thinks they should know more about the man who inspired the world's fastest-growing religion.

What Every Christian Needs To Know About The Qur An

Autor: James R. White
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441260528
File Size: 30,23 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 9981
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A Look Inside the Sacred Book of One of the World's Fastest-Growing Religions What used to be an exotic religion of people halfway around the world is now the belief system of people living across the street. Through fair, contextual use of the Qur'an as the primary source text, apologist James R. White presents Islamic beliefs about Christ, salvation, the Trinity, the afterlife, and other important topics. White shows how the sacred text of Islam differs from the teachings of the Bible in order to help Christians engage in open, honest discussions with Muslims.

The Harm In Hate Speech

Autor: Jeremy Waldron
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674065085
File Size: 29,88 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 7806
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For constitutionalists, regulation of hate speech violates the First Amendment and damages a free society. Waldron rejects this view, and makes the case that hate speech should be regulated as part of a commitment to human dignity and to inclusion and respect for members of vulnerable minorities.

The First Muslim

Autor: Lesley Hazleton
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101602007
File Size: 24,17 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 5849
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The extraordinary life of the man who founded Islam, and the world he inhabited—and remade. Lesley Hazleton's new book, Agnostic: A Spirited Manifesto, is out now from Riverhead Books. Muhammad’s was a life of almost unparalleled historical importance; yet for all the iconic power of his name, the intensely dramatic story of the prophet of Islam is not well known. In The First Muslim, Lesley Hazleton brings him vibrantly to life. Drawing on early eyewitness sources and on history, politics, religion, and psychology, she renders him as a man in full, in all his complexity and vitality. Hazleton’s account follows the arc of Muhammad’s rise from powerlessness to power, from anonymity to renown, from insignificance to lasting significance. How did a child shunted to the margins end up revolutionizing his world? How did a merchant come to challenge the established order with a new vision of social justice? How did the pariah hounded out of Mecca turn exile into a new and victorious beginning? How did the outsider become the ultimate insider? Impeccably researched and thrillingly readable, Hazleton’s narrative creates vivid insight into a man navigating between idealism and pragmatism, faith and politics, nonviolence and violence, rejection and acclaim. The First Muslim illuminates not only an immensely significant figure but his lastingly relevant legacy. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Nothing To Do With Islam

Autor: Peter Townsend
Publisher: Petertownsend.Info
ISBN: 9780648313212
File Size: 9,40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 7490
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An investigation of the link between Islamic teaching and violence carried out in its name.

Psychology Of Mohammed

Autor: Masʻūd Anṣārī
Publisher: Inst for Ethical & Clincal hypnosis
ISBN: 9781427612793
File Size: 14,16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 6689
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The book proves the absurdity of the Koran and the prophetship of Mohammed. It substantiates that the Koran is saturated with illogical and mendacious absurdities that cannot be believed. The goal of Mohammed was to gain power by pretending prophethood. He founded Islam by the dint of sword and prompted the nomads of Arabia to Islam by plundering the properties of those who rejected Islam. Thus, Islam is founded on the bases of terrorism and bloodshed. No one can disbelieve that Allah - the God of Islam - represents himself as a deceitful entity, an avenger, subduer, tyrant, killer, and so on. The verses of the Koran openly encourage Islamic followers to mercilessly kill non-Muslims. Allah also disavows pacifists, but promises to help those who fight in his name. Non-Muslims are unclean and should not be loved. Muslims who befriend infidels can no longer be considered Muslims. Opponents of Allah and His Apostle should be mutilated, executed, and crucified. Mohammed said, "Paradise is under the shadow of swords." Mohammed ordered his opponents to be murdered inhumanly. Allah permitted Mohammed to commit any crime against his opponents. In brief, the Koran is actually a manual for terrorism and Hadith is the terrorist manifesto of Islam.