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Doctor Who Faq

Autor: Dave Thompson
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 1480342955
File Size: 29,29 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 9919
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(FAQ). Doctor Who is indisputably the most successful and beloved series on UK TV, and the most watched series in the history of BBC America. Doctor Who FAQ tells the complete story of its American success, from its first airings on PBS in the 1970s, through to the massive Doctor Who fan conventions that are a staple of the modern-day science fiction circuit. Combining a wealth of information and numerous illustrations, Doctor Who FAQ also includes a comprehensive episode guide. From the Doctor's most impressive alien foes and the companions who have fought alongside him to unimagined planets and unexpected points in history, from some of the greatest minds ever to have walked the Earth, to the most evil beings ever to haunt the universe, it's all covered here, including the Tardis, the none-too-reliable "bigger on the inside than the out" blue box in which the Doctor travels.

Elizabethan Naval Administration

Autor: C.S. Knighton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131714502X
File Size: 29,61 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 4477
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This is the first general selection from the substantial body of surviving documents about Elizabeth’s navy. It is a companion to The Navy of Edward VI and Mary I (Vol.157 in the NRS Series), where the apparatus serving both volumes was printed, and it complements the other NRS volumes that deal specifically with the Spanish Armada. This collection concentrates (though not exclusively so) on the early years of Elizabeth’s reign when there was no formal war. From 1558-1585 the navy was involved in a number of small-scale campaigns, pursuit of pirates and occasional shows of force. The documents selected emphasize the financial and administrative processes that supported these operations, such as mustering, victualing, demobilisation, and ship maintenance and repair. The fleet varied in size from about 30 to 45 ships during the period and a vast amount of maintenance and repair was required. The main component of the volume is the massively detailed Navy Treasurer's account for 1562-3 which is followed by and collated with the corresponding Exchequer Account. The documents illustrate just how efficiently the dockyards functioned. They were one of the great early Elizabethan achievements.

Literature Mapping And The Politics Of Space In Early Modern Britain

Autor: Andrew Gordon
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521803779
File Size: 26,15 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 979
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In this timely collection, an international team of Renaissance scholars analyzes the material practice behind the concept of mapping, a particular cognitive mode of gaining control over the world. Ranging widely across visual and textual artifacts implicated in the culture of mapping, from the literature of Shakespeare, Spenser, Marlowe and Jonson, to representations of body, city, nation and empire, Literature, Mapping, and the Politics of Space in Early Modern Britian argues for a thorough reevaluation of the impact of cartography on the shaping of social and political identities in early modern Britain.


Autor: Naftali Kadmon
ISBN: 9780533135318
File Size: 16,38 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 5033
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The first book in over 100 years dealing wit the subject of geolograhpical names in all its aspects. Combining a solid scientific approach with a light hearted style, the book wil appealmto anyone with an interest in place names. Illus.

Point Of Entry

Autor: Barbara Clegg
ISBN: 9781844354498
File Size: 18,75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 1312
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The 16th century. Playwright Kit Marlowe is attempting to write Doctor Faustus when a darkness descends on his life, in the cadaverous form of a Spaniard called Velez. The monstrosity is in search of a stone blade that was brought from South America.

Doctor Who

Autor: Wally K. Daly
Publisher: Carol Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780426203384
File Size: 11,96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 1438
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Love S Bullet A Wounded Victim In A Biker Gang War Transformed By God S Love

Autor: Maureen Hager
Publisher: Redemption Press
ISBN: 1683143205
File Size: 6,60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 827
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One woman’s search for love descended into failed relationships and the pseudo-love and acceptance of an outlaw motorcycle gang before two bullets from a rival gang member’s M16 tore her life apart; a story of survival, hope and deliverance, and the redemptive love of God.

Doctor Who The Anti Hero Time Trips

Autor: Stella Duffy
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448142385
File Size: 19,73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 7525
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Arriving at the ancient Musaeum of Alexandria, the Doctor is keen to explore. He might find some new recorder music, and Jamie might discover a new porridge recipe, while Zoe will love the antiquated ideas about astrophysics. But once inside, they all find rather more than they bargained for, and it soon becomes clear they may never leave the Museaum alive...


Autor: Dario Argento
ISBN: 9781913051051
File Size: 29,46 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 1853
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To his legion of admirers Dario Argento is a legend, and to his filmmaking contemporaries he's an inspiration and an icon.For many years Argento's ground-breaking shockers like Deep Red, Suspiria, Inferno and Opera meant box-office gold. Now the maverick auteur, lauded as the Italian Hitchcock and the Horror Fellini, has written his autobiography, revealing all about his fascinating life, his dark obsessions, his talented family, his perverse dreams, and his star-crossed work. With candour and honesty, Fear lifts the lid on Argento's glittering career, from his childhood mixing with glamorous Italian movie stars to his start in the fledgling field of cinema criticism, Argento shares compelling anecdotes about his life growing up in La Dolce Vita Rome.Born into a family that breathed cinema, as a child Dario Argento was a voracious devourer of books and films. Bored by school so much that he fled to Paris, the young Dario felt at ease only in the darkness of a cinema - where he found fertile soil in which his solitary nature and overflowing imagination could flourish. But it was his experience as a journalist that led to his life-changing encounter with Sergio Leone, for whom he and Bernardo Bertolucci wrote the script for Once Upon a Time in the West.Meanwhile, the mind of the future director developed a desire as ambitious as it was magnificent: to make a film in a new style, distinct from all others. Channelling the films of Hitchcock, Lang and Antonioni triggered a wealth of ideas that changed the history of cinema.His first film came out in 1970 - The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. In no time at all the name of Dario Argento was known across the globe. And soon enough a series of classic films including Deep Red and Suspiria saw the light of the projector beam.Dario Argento is a maverick auteur who captured his personal demons on celluloid. At last, his fascinating life story can be told: his passions, his loves, his fears. In his autobiography, alongside the tale of an inspirational film director making his mark on the world, one glimpses the anxieties of a driven but shy man, in love with cinema and life itself.Adapted from the Italian translation and illustrated with rare photographs, the award-winning and critically acclaimed Master of Terror tells all. So put on your black leather gloves and start turning the pages of Fear for the answer to every question you've ever wanted to ask about the weird and wonderful world of Dario Argento.