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Water Quality Assessments

Autor: Henry C. Pitot
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0203476719
File Size: 24,16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 5749
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This guidebook, now thoroughly updated and revised in its second edition, gives comprehensive advice on the designing and setting up of monitoring programmes for the purpose of providing valid data for water quality assessments in all types of freshwater bodies. It is clearly and concisely written in order to provide the essential information for a

Kick The Habit

Autor: Alex Kirby
Publisher: UNEP/Earthprint
ISBN: 9789280729269
File Size: 6,68 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 3389
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This publication is written by experts from many disciplines and various countries, with leading research organizations involved in preparing and reviewing the publication. It presents solutions--from reducing consumption and increasing energy efficiency to offsetting emissions via carbon trading schemes--for individuals, businesses, cities and countries plus other groups that have similar characteristics such as NGO and intergovernmental organizations. The book contains case studies, illustrations, maps and graphics and serves also as reference publication.--Publisher's description.

Cultural Tourism In Europe

Autor: Greg Richards
Publisher: C A B International
File Size: 15,81 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 2961
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This book draws on the data collected by the ATLAS Cultural Tourism Project and combines data presentation and analysis with more reflective discussions on the nature of cultural tourism in different areas of Europe. The first five chapters address general themes and are followed by eleven chapters on individual countries from the European Union. Overall, the book is of practical as well as academic value and makes a highly original contribution to the tourism literature for advanced students and research workers, as well as professionals in the tourism industry.

Constructions Of Cultural Identities In Newsreel Cinema And Television After 1945

Autor: Kornelia Imesch
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 3839429757
File Size: 10,62 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 312
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Newsreel cinema and television not only served as an important tool in the shaping of political spheres and the construction of national and cultural identities up to the 1960s. Today's potent televisual forms were furthermore developed in and strongly influenced by newsreels, and much of the archived newsreel footage is repeatedly used to both illustrate and re-stage past events and their significance. This book addresses newsreel cinema and television as a medium serving the formation of cultural identities in a variety of national contexts after 1945, its role in forming audiovisual narratives of a »biopic of the nation«, and the technical, aesthetical, and political challenges of archiving and restaging cinematic and televisual newsreel.

International Air Guide Air Atlas

Autor: Imprimerie Crété S.A., Paris, France
Publisher: Imprimerie Crété S.A.
ISBN: 1543021913
File Size: 4,89 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 2427
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The International Air Guide was published in 1931, and it contains all international airports, aerodromes and airfields. Any large airport, but also any little-known airfield, is described in detail. In most cases, this description also includes a historical aeronautical chart and aerodrome map with reference to the corresponding coordinates, radio frequencies and special geographical blockades. For those who are interested in aeronautics and in aviation history, and for those, who want to locate vanished or abandoned airfields, the International Airport Guide is a perfect tool.

Oberammergauer Passionspiel

Autor: Ferdinand Rosner
Publisher: Tredition Classics
ISBN: 9783847291435
File Size: 25,77 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 429
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Dieses Werk ist Teil der Buchreihe TREDITION CLASSICS. Der Verlag tredition aus Hamburg veroffentlicht in der Buchreihe TREDITION CLASSICS Werke aus mehr als zwei Jahrtausenden. Diese waren zu einem Grossteil vergriffen oder nur noch antiquarisch erhaltlich. Mit der Buchreihe TREDITION CLASSICS verfolgt tredition das Ziel, tausende Klassiker der Weltliteratur verschiedener Sprachen wieder als gedruckte Bucher zu verlegen - und das weltweit! Die Buchreihe dient zur Bewahrung der Literatur und Forderung der Kultur. Sie tragt so dazu bei, dass viele tausend Werke nicht in Vergessenheit geraten

The Red Countess

Autor: Hermynia Zur Mühlen
Publisher: Open Book Publishers
ISBN: 1783745576
File Size: 22,31 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 5791
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Praise for the first edition of this book: This translation is something of an event. For the first time, it makes Zur Mühlen’s text available to English-speaking readers in a reliable version. —David Midgley, University of Cambridge [This book] represents exceptional value, both as an enjoyable read and as an introduction to an attractive author who amply deserves rediscovery. —Ritchie Robertson, Journal of European Studies, 42(1): 106-07. Born into a distinguished aristocratic family of the old Habsburg Empire, Hermynia Zur Mühlen spent much of her childhood and early youth travelling in Europe and North Africa with her diplomat father. Never comfortable with the traditional roles women were expected to play, she broke as a young adult both with her family and, after five years on his estate in the old Czarist Russia, with her German Junker husband, and set out as an independent, free-thinking individual, earning a precarious living as a writer. Zur Mühlen translated over 70 books from English, French and Russian into German, notably the novels of Upton Sinclair, which she turned into best-sellers in Germany; produced a series of detective novels under a pseudonym; wrote seven engaging and thought-provoking novels of her own, six of which were translated into English; contributed countless insightful short stories and articles to newspapers and magazines; and, having become a committed socialist, achieved international renown in the 1920s with her Fairy Tales for Workers’ Children, which were widely translated including into Chinese and Japanese. Because of her fervent and outspoken opposition to National Socialism, she and her life-long Jewish partner, Stefan Klein, had to flee first Germany, where they had settled, and then, in 1938, her native Austria. They found refuge in England, where Zur Mühlen died, forgotten and virtually penniless, in 1951.

The Jews And Modern Capitalism

Autor: Werner Sombart
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351480421
File Size: 18,29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 7270
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Since its first appearance in Germany in 1911, Jews and Modern Capitalism has provoked vehement criticism. As Samuel Z. Klausner emphasizes, the lasting value of Sombart's work rests not in his results-most of which have long since been disproved-but in his point of departure. Openly acknowledging his debt to Max Weber, Sombart set out to prove the double thesis of the Jewish foundation of capitalism and the capitalist foundation of Judaism. Klausner, placing Sombart's work in its historical and societal context, examines the weaknesses and strengths of Jews and Modern Capitalism.

History Of Military Cartography

Autor: Elri Liebenberg
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319252445
File Size: 22,74 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 6392
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This volume gathers 19 papers first presented at the 5th International Symposium of the ICA Commission on the History of Cartography, which took place at the University of Ghent, Belgium on 2-5 December 2014. The overall conference theme was 'Cartography in Times of War and Peace', but preference was given to papers dealing with the military cartography of the First World War (1914-1918). The papers are classified by period and regional sub-theme, i.e. Military Cartography from the 18th to the 20th century; WW I Cartography in Belgium, Central Europe, etc.

Arctic And Alpine Mycology Ii

Autor: Gary A. Laursen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1475719396
File Size: 4,77 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 7074
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During the summer of 1980, the First International symposium on Arctic and Alpine Mycology (ISAM-I) was held at the then extant Naval Arctic Research Laboratory near Barrow, Alaska, U.S.A., well within the Arctic Circle (Laursen and Ammirati, Arctic and Alpine Mycology. The First International symposium on Arcto-Alpine Mycology. Univ. Wash. Press, 1982). The facility is currently owned and operated by the Utkeagvik Inupiat community and is named the National Academic and Research Laboratory, thus retaining its acronym NARL. Twenty-five scientists participated in that historic first meeting. Their interests in the fungi spanned a vast geographic area of cold dominated habitats in both the northern and southern hemispheres that included four continents (N. and S. America, Eurasia,and Antarctica), nine countries, and numerous islands ranging from Greenland to Jan Mayen in the Svalbard group. ISAM-I helped to develop ongoing interests and initiate others. This is what ISAM-I founders hoped would happen. Asa result, the organizing committee for ISAM-II was formed. Its mandate was to: involve a maximum of one third new participants in future ISAM meetings: divide the responsibility for organizing future meetings at sites located in areas of interest to research thrusts in Arctic and alpine environments: keep the number of participants small enough to ensure manageability, taking full advantage of field collecting opportunities with minimal complications and cost.

Literary Cultures And Public Opinion In The Low Countries 1450 1650

Autor: Jan Bloemendal
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004206167
File Size: 20,10 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 6369
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This volume sets out to analyse the role and function of literary culture in the formation of early modern public opinion, and proposes ways in which a modern scholar might approach early modern works of literature and other evidence of literary culture to explore early modern public opinion making.