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Transforming The Soul

Autor: Rudolf Steiner
Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press
ISBN: 1855844303
File Size: 23,39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 3985
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The spiritual-scientific investigator has ... to transform the soul itself into an instrument; then - when his soul is awakened and he can see into a spiritual world - he experiences, on a higher level, a similar great moment as blind people do when, having been operated upon, they look at a world they have not seen before. In a key series of lectures on personal development, Rudolf Steiner explains that the central mission of spiritual science is to enable people to ascend, in full consciousness, to a knowledge of spiritual realities. But given that the means to achieve spiritual perception are now widely available, the danger exists that some individuals will gain access to the spiritual world whilst harbouring impure motives. This can lead to a distorted understanding and vision of that world. Steiner's emphasis, therefore, is on the preparatory steps - the metamorphosis and purification of the human soul - required for achieving true spiritual enlightenment. Life itself teaches and prepares us for progress, and anthroposophy explains and brings this to consciousness. In some of his most lucid lectures, Steiner describes the missions of anger, truth and reverence, the significance of human character, the meaning of asceticism and illness, and the phenomenon of egoism. He also clarifies the differences between Buddhism and Christianity, describes the goal of spiritual science, and makes some esoteric observations about the moon. Throughout the talks Steiner refers to many significant historical figures, including St Augustine, Coleridge, Leonardo da Vinci, Madame Blavatsky, Goethe, Homer, and Shakespeare.

Opening A Window To The Soul

Autor: Daeryl Holzer
Publisher: SoulShift Publications
ISBN: 1419688405
File Size: 28,91 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 2343
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A profound and in-depth dialog of Spirit-guided insights describing the nature of the soul essence and presenting imaginative, practical tools to transform human dramas.Addressing commonly asked questions, Opening a Window to the Soul presents a unique way to understand how the world operates, heal painful emotions, get along with difficult people, and clear unhealthy patterns. With potent examples from the authorâs personal journey as well as client sessions, the messages are compassionate, enlightening and universally applicable.Topics include: the nature of the soul essence; whatâs between lives; soul memories, emotions, ego, and creative thought as aspects of the âEarth Suit;â how past life experiences impact present time; the soul family as relating to childhood and karmic agreements; love relationships and soul mates; working with the Spirit team (soul family guides) and soul purpose.

Soul Transformation Through Advent

Autor: Deborah Newman
ISBN: 9781977606822
File Size: 11,84 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 8591
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A daily devotion for Advent and Christmastide. Advent reveals the truth about who we are and why we are here. As our souls open to Advent, a reality that transcends the traditional warmth of the season comes into focus. The message of Christmas is to receive God's gift of His Son. As you count down to Christmas through the time-honored tradition of lighting a candle during each week of Advent, you will find guidance for getting off the Christmas-Pleasing Merry-Go-Round and discover the true hope love, joy and peace that Christmas brings.

Psalms And The Transformation Of Stress

Autor: Dennis Sylva
Publisher: Peeters Publishers
ISBN: 9789068316346
File Size: 9,45 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 6646
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Professor Sylva has written a major book in what Clifford Geertz terms "blurred genres." By that Geertz means a study that refuses to stay slotted in a specified scholarly discipline, but reaches across such distinctions, in order to face real and complex human issues. As biblical scholarship moves out of its more positivistic modes, it is able to make contact with human dimensions of the text that "objectivist" criticism had long precluded. In this book, Sylva with painstaking research and urbane articulation reflects upon how the Psalms touch fractured human conditions in healing ways. This is no surface interpreation of scripture for the sake of "an easy religious fix," and it is no "pop psychology," because the author has thought with great steadfastness and is informed on both sides of the interface. The power of his argument is in the detail of human stress and in the effective nuance of the poetry. For his interface he employs the intriguing term "theotherapy." I have no doubt that this book will become a major resource for bringing back together text and human reality that our recent interpretative past has rent asunder. Sylva invites us to a new conversation as we "blur" our safer points of reference. Walter Brueggemann Professor of Old Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary This book seeks to uncover the serious and deep ways in which the Psalms speak to the human situation. Few works that I know of have sought to bring the Psalms to bear on the stresses and strains, the functions and dysfunctions of the family as has been done here. Professor Sylva endeavors to show how the Psalms create a fundamental trust in God, a trust that moves out into all other relationships starting with the family. This is something that happened to me as a child and that I came to realize only much later. In this work, The Pslams are clearly not simply a springboard to say some things about family therapy. They are the heart of this book, and it is only as they are heard in detail that one then moves or is carried by them into a more secure family relationship. I hope very much that this work will enhance the reading and appropriation of the Psalms within the family as a source of family health and strength. Patrick D. Miller Professor of Old Testament Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary Dana Sylva is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Saint Francis Seminary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is the editor of "Reimaging the Death of the Lukan Jesus" (1990), and he has published articles on Old testament and New Testament exegesis.

Hope For The Soul

Autor: Kimberly Michelle Ford
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781548661007
File Size: 28,17 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 5963
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MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME IN GOD'S HEART: After 7 years of volunteering to serve the men, women, and children at a very popular outreach center in Atlanta, GA, I stumbled upon an amazing personal discovery. I came to the humble realization that homelessness is not simply a state of physical destitution. But homelessness is also a place of spiritual and emotional emptiness. It is very true that some live in a perpetual state of misfortune and need the relationship, the challenge, and the encouragement of others to "dare to hope" that their circumstances are only temporary. Many undoubtedly need financial relief to end their state of homelessness. Yet, each of us, whether well off or destitute, can attest to the fact that at one point or another we have felt abandoned and displaced. While serving as an outreach leader, I found a new family. I discovered though I had a physical dwelling, I too was in an emotional state of homelessness. While serving the homeless, I struggled to conquer my own issues with abandonment. I found myself desperately attempting to place the pieces of my own life in a recognizable order. And it was while serving that I found an extension of God's family that are far too often overlooked, disqualified, and misunderstood. Each month I would show up with a fresh sermon in hand-ready to inspire and motivate those whom "I thought" were in need of encouragement. But each time, I left with the discovery that I needed it more than any of them. I arrived ready to inspire, but left all the more inspired myself.HOPE FOR THE SOUL is inspired by the men, women, and children seeking love, purpose, and a reason to believe that a better experience of life exists. In this book, you too will discover that there is a secret place in God's heart to find all the rest, affirmation, and love you have been longing for. HOPE FOR THE SOUL is guaranteed to strengthen your ability to:*Speak life to every dead dream*Pursue your God-given power*Declare freedom from past failures*Perform at maximum capacity in His strength*Trust God and His promises to build a better life!!

Esv Gospel Transformation Study Bible Christ In All Of Scripture Grace For All Of Life

Autor: Crossway
Publisher: Crossway
ISBN: 1433568888
File Size: 19,56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 9168
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“This study Bible is a must-have to help us see Jesus Christ throughout the whole Bible.” —Biblereviewguys The ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible is designed to help readers see Christ in all of Scripture, and grace for all of life. It features book introductions, gospel-centered study notes, and a series of all-new articles—written by a team of over 50 pastors and scholars. This content explains passage-by-passage how God’s redemptive purposes culminate in the gospel and apply to the lives of believers today. Readers will be challenged to see how the message of the gospel transforms sinners from the inside out. Over 375,000 words of gospel-centered study notes Introduction that outlines specific uses for the Bible Updated design and typesetting based on the original ESV Gospel Transformation Bible released in 2013 Includes 5 new articles on topics such as the relationship between the Old and New Testaments, the gospel in the Old Testament, the covenants, and more Book introductions Concordance 80,000 cross-references Ribbon marker Smyth-sewn binding Size: 6.125" x 9.125" 9-point Bible text; 8-point study notes 2,096 pages Single-column format Packaging: None

Jihad Of The Soul

Autor: Zarinah El-Amin Naeem
Publisher: The NIYAH Company
ISBN: 0982221509
File Size: 19,40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 8778
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Originally presented as: Thesis (M.A.)--Western Michigan University, 2008.

Mansour Speaking The Language Of Life Love

Autor: Bonita G. Lloydnettles
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781517144982
File Size: 14,38 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 5503
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You Can Depend Use caution in the beginning Use wisdom in the end Use patience as you move through life On truth you can depend "My poems, or 'literary expressions' as I prefer to describe are purposeful and subtly encourage readers to bring forth their unique and transformative genius. They gently point a direction to those on their journey of life. And while on this journey, my work suggests to travel lightly and with levity - not taking oneself too seriously along life's way. Often described as proverbs, my poems have a striking brevity that ignites a slow-burning fire with a subtle yet enduring impact. And in a flash of spirit, my work is at once simplistic and profound, hidden and revealing. . . elusive and evident. This embracing of seemingly opposites results from my turning to my inner spirit - becoming a vessel that connects me with infinite spirit. This connection allows my work to touch all and transform through the unity of oneness of spirit and life experience."

Detox Your Soul

Autor: Tami Shaikh
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781500779153
File Size: 10,68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 9700
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Inner peace is finally within reach with Tami Shaikh's groundbreaking new book, Detox Your Soul. Do you often find yourself wishing to rid yourself of all the negative, harmful influences that often make life so difficult? Look no further than this new thirty-day program that helps you cleanse away your spiritual, mental, and emotional toxins and remove these relentless daily obstacles once and for all. Beginning with day one, you'll learn how to face your inner demons and build up your self-esteem. The strategies are designed to be incorporated into your daily life-no drastic changes to your routine are needed! Waking up just ten minutes earlier and going to bed just ten minutes later each day gives you all the time you need to see-and feel-a difference. Each of the thirty chapters provides a section for you to record your innermost thoughts, reflections on that day's exercises, and what you have achieved both physically and spiritually in the last twenty-four hours. By the end of the thirty-day program, you'll feel more in tune with your spirit, mind, and emotions. Most importantly, you'll have gained the tools to cleanse your soul for a lifetime to come.

The Ubuntu God

Autor: Samuel A. Paul
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630878200
File Size: 20,36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 8562
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In 1948, the Afrikaner Nationalist Government became the ruling party in South Africa and instituted the brutal system known as apartheid. To maintain their power, Afrikaners drew on Christian scripture and traditions to create self-justifying religious narratives that supported their oppressive ideologies, prohibiting inclusion and suppressing pluralism. In time these Afrikaner-Christian narratives began to unravel as counter-narratives within the Christian tradition influenced the Black church to demand equality and democracy. This socio-political and cultural transformation is best understood and interpreted through the vision of ubuntu: a mode of thought in African culture that places a value on humanity in community and shifts the focus from singularity to plurality in South African society. In The Ubuntu God, Samuel A. Paul traces how the dismantling of apartheid led to recognition of the religious other, the recovery of alternate narratives, and the reappearance of ubuntu perspective and practice in the political and public sphere. After the peaceful transition to a democratically elected government, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission created a platform for multiple voices, stories, and religious narratives to be shared in a public political context. This multiplicity of voices resulted, ultimately, in the formation of a new constitution for South Africa that sought to uphold African values of community and inclusion in its institutions. While South Africa's apartheid system and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission are both rooted in the biblical narrative, the former used its theology to enforce an iron rule while the latter combined Christian and African concepts to create a pluralistic and open society. Such a society is characterized by a culture that emphasizes communality and interdependence.

Oxford English Mini Dictionary

Autor: Oxford Dictionaries
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199640963
File Size: 20,84 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 3859
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An easy-to-use dictionary containing 90,000 up-to-date words, phrases, and definitions.

St Augustine And Plotinus The Human Mind As Image Of The Divine

Autor: Laela Zwollo
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004387803
File Size: 29,88 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 1838
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In Augustine and Plotinus: the Human Mind as Image of the Divine Laela Zwollo explores the doctrines of the image of God (the human soul or intellect) of two of the most influential thinkers of late antiquity: the Christian Augustine of Hippo and the Neo-Platonist Plotinus.

The Intersubjectivity Of The Mystic

Autor: Mary Frohlich
Publisher: An American Academy of Religion Book
File Size: 29,43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 2521
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In the popular mind, the mystic is seen as the supreme solitary. This image, if accurate, would make the mystical quest marginal in an era when much theology has emphasized socially responsible praxis. Against the popular image, Mary Frohlich develops a theological model -- based on the writings of Bernard Lonergan and the "self-psychology" of Heinz Kohut -- that both respects mysticism's irreducible character and shows how it concretely transforms people and systems. She then applies this model to an interpretation of a classic expression of spiritual transformation, the Interior Castle of the sixteenth-century mystic Teresa of Avila.

Form And Transformation

Autor: Frederic M. Schroeder
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 9780773510166
File Size: 15,94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 4384
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Plotinus, the father of Neoplatonism, lived in Rome during the third century AD. For many scholars -- not only classicists and philosophers but medievalists, renaissance specialists, Islamists, theologians, and students of religion -- he remains a figure of commanding importance. Yet his work is seen as forbidding and inaccessible. The increase in Plotinian scholarship since the 1970s has included works that, although deeply rooted in scholarship, aim at a wider audience. Form and Transformation, while in that tradition, is the first book in English to provide an accessible introduction to Plotinus from an open, contemplative approach, examining in detail Plotinus' interpretation of the Platonic Theory of Forms.